Financial planning foundations in agrobusinesses


  • Roberto Rivas Valencia Facultad de Agrobiología “Pdte. Juárez”
  • Roberto Alejandro Rivas González Facultad de Agrobiología “Pdte. Juárez”

Palabras clave:

Administración, Rentabilidad, Flujos, Probabilidad, Indicadores


Fundamentals of Financial Planning in the Agricultural Administration. The aim of this study was to analyze and implement in advance the parameters or financial ratios and methodologies corresponding in the agricultural land, in order to discover the possible results with their respective risks.

This work is qualitative and quantitative, where different sources of information were consulted, the most adequate financial indicators and methodologies were chosen so that agricultural producers, agricultural administrators apply the criteria, to make the best decisions in advance.

According to the tests carried out in the present investigation, it was essential to carry out the application of the described indicators, obtaining satisfactory results. The income, expenses and other data of the agricultural activity must be known, from this information the financial indicators are applied and a mathematical network model was developed, to obtain the times of the agricultural activities with their probabilities






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